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Tenn. Police: Suspect Punched K-9, Spit at Officer

February 5, 2013, BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn -- A man arrested for outstanding warrants late Sunday punched a police dog and spit blood and saliva into an officer's face, officials said.

Aaron Hooker, 25, initially garnered the attention Sullivan County Sheriff's Office deputies when his brother complained of an altercation at his Blountville home. After arriving at the Harr Trail Road residence, officers realized that Aaron Hooker was wanted on charges of felony vandalism, a parole violation, and failure to appear on aggravated burglary charges, according to the report.

Hooker was gone by the time officers arrived but was later found at a home on Apache Drive in Blountville.

Officers report that Hooker hid in a crawl space under the house, and so Officer Matt Cole sent K9 partner Diablo after him. Hooker then punched Diablo and continued to fight the dog until Cole crawled into the space and captured the suspect.

Once in handcuffs, Hooker spit into Cole's face, police report. Hooker was then charged with assaulting an officer.

Hooker was treated at the Bristol Regional Medical Center and will be taken to the Sullivan County Correctional Facility.

Diablo was able to return to duty Monday.

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