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Deputy Brett Schannep - K9 Mingo

K9 Mingo

Breed: German Shepherd
Birthplace: Germany
Birthday: 7-1-10
Weight: 80
Commands: English
Patrol Area: South Sacramento County
Special Skills: Patrol, Evidence, Guns

I began my career with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in 1999 as a Deputy Sheriff Trainee. I graduated in April of 2000 and worked at the Courthouse and Main Jail before rotating to patrol in 2001. I have worked both north and south Sacramento County and was a field training officer for many years.

Being a Canine deputy has always been my career goal. I have always loved dogs and thought that having a canine partner would be the ultimate career satisfaction.

I had the opportunity to apply for a Canine handler deputy position in November 2011. I was fortunate to be selected in March 2012 as a Canine handler.

I was teamed up with a new dog that was just over a year and a half old. His name is Mingo and he came from Germany. Mingo had only been in the United States since January 2012.

I first met Mingo at the veterinarian when he was getting his initial examination. Mingo was full of energy and was actually excited to be at the vet. From the moment I met him I could tell he was very friendly and energetic.

He loved the attention he received at the vet with people petting him. Mingo passed his exam with flying colors and he came to live at my house a short time later.

Mingo adapted to life at my house very quickly. My family bonded with him quickly as he was so eager to play with my wife and kids. Mingo loves to try to give my kids as many kisses as possible. His energy does not slow down at the house, and my family and I enjoy watching him sprint around the backyard with endless energy.

Mingo and I went in to full time training for a couple of months. We passed our certifications and were assigned to South Sacramento County on swing shift.

I was thrilled to return to the shift I had just left from when I was selected to Canine. I was able to work again with my friends and partners that I had worked with for years.

Mingo made a quick impression on my partners and became a favorite with them, even the ones that used to fear the dogs.

Mingo’s contagious friendliness and enthusiasm caught on with the whole shift immediately!

Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association

Photographs by
XSIGHT Photography

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