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Sergeant Donna Cox

K9 Asko

Breed: Malinois/Shepherd
Birthplace: Czech Republic
Birthday: March 5, 2009
Weight: 90 lbs
Commands: Dutch, English
Patrol Area: County Wide
Special Skills: Patrol, SWAT, Evidence, Guns/Ammo
Hi my name is Donna L. Cox and I am currently the Canine Sergeant for the Sheriff’s Canine Enforcement Detail. Before being selected as the Canine Detail Sergeant I worked as a Sergeant at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center as well as the Communications Center. Both divisions taught me the importance of being a good leader and how to set goals for myself whether it is through education or promotion. My long term goal as a Deputy Sheriff Canine handler was to someday return to the detail as a Canine Detail Sergeant. My goal was achieved through hard work and determination in September of 2008. I am continuously grateful for the position I am assigned to and continue to strive for excellence for the entire canine detail, sheriff’s department, and community. My canine partners name is Asko. He is a 90 lb German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix breed. He was born on April 12, 2009. Asko is the best partner I could ask for. He is always there when I need him and he always greets me in the morning with happiness. If he could talk I bet he would be saying, “where’s my car, let’s go!” He loves the public and together we do numerous demonstrations for school age children and public events. Although he seems like the happiest dog around when it’s time for work he is focused. It would not be a wise choice to run from Asko. Due to his size and genetic makeup he is extremely strong. He also has a great talent for locating articles such as guns and clothing. When he is not working he gets plenty of rest and plenty of attention from the family. In the summertime he loves to go swimming in our pool. In the winter time he loves to play in the backyard. Asko destroys toys very quickly, so I have to make sure I never leave him with a toy. He has been known to destroy my son’s basketballs, which of course my son is not supposed to leave outside. Overall Asko is a great dog and always ready to go to work! It is an honor to work for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department and truly a dream come true being the Canine Enforcement Detail Sergeant.
Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association

Photographs by
XSIGHT Photography

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