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K9 Rocky - Letter of Commendation

At approximately midnight on September 27, 2006, deputies were patrolling in an area known for criminal activity. They observed a group of individuals loitering near an alleyway next to a convenience store. Upon seeing the deputies, the young men attempted to leave the area. The deputies confronted the young men and asked numerous questions as to their reasons for being in the area. One of the subjects had his hands in his pockets and when asked by a deputy to remove his hands from his pockets for officer safety he bolted and ran. Deputies broadcasted they were in foot pursuit by radio and gave a description of the subject.

Detectives Joe Miller and Nate Wise were in the area assisting and observed a young man matching the description walking towards them. Deputy Miller pulled his unmarked patrol vehicle up to the subject and identified himself as a Sheriff’s Deputy. The subject turned and ran and Detective Miller chased him on foot. Detective Wise then got into the driver seat and pursued the suspect in the vehicle. The suspect opened fire on Detective Wise blowing out the drivers window. Detective wise felt a blast of pressure against his arm. Feeling he was under fire, Detective Wise made evasive maneuvers and leaned over the passenger seat to avoid further gunfire. Detective Miller had witnessed the subject pull a handgun out of his pocket and shoot at Detective Wise. Believing his partner was mortally wounded, Detective Miller opened fire on the suspect to prevent the suspect from firing again. The suspect fell to the ground and Detective Miller radioed that shots had been fired. The suspect then stood up and exchanged gunfire with Detective Miller and fled on foot into an apartment complex.

Deputy Kyle Hoertsch and K9 Rocky were called into search for the shooter. K9 Rocky located and held onto the suspect until he could be taken into custody. The shooter and removed his clothing to conceal his identity and had discarded the weapon.

On June 4th, 2008, Deputy Kyle Hoertsch and K9 Rocky were awarded a Sheriff’s Letter of Commendation by Sheriff John McGinniss for their actions in locating the suspect who attempted to murder Detective Miller.

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