The mission of the Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association is to provide the best care possible for our retired K9 partners, supplement the training and equipment of our active K9 teams, educate the public regarding police service dogs, and to honor our K9’s when they pass away.

We accomplish this mission through generous donations from the community and organized fundraisers. The Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association became officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in 2005 (Tax ID #20-3318879). Since then, the Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association has covered thousands of dollars in veterinary bills for our retired K9 partners ensuring they receive the best possible care.

The Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association supplements the training and equipment of our active K9 teams. We have been able to enhance the safety of both our K9 partners and their handlers with safety equipment beyond what the department is able to provide.

The Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association recognizes the tremendous amount of public interest in police service dogs. We have taken a pro-active role in educating the public about the role our K9 partners play in fighting crime in our community. We do this through our website, field demonstrations, and social media campaigns.

Since its inception, our association has covered all burial costs including the ceremony and headstone markers for our K9 partners. We are fortunate to be able to bury them with honors and a formal ceremony at the Garden of Valor Pet Cemetery at East Lawn.

The Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association is comprised of the current 12 K9 Deputy teams assigned to patrol services. These deputies make all decisions regarding how the association is governed and how funds are allocated. Funds are raised through general contributions sent to our P.O. Box or made electronically on PayPal through our make a donation page on our website. We also raise money through our online store, K9 calendar sales, and fundraisers such as K9 Comedy Night and the 5K for Kaleo race. We receive 100 percent of the donations that are made directly to us.

Although technically separate from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, the Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association considers its relationship with the Sheriff’s Department as a partnership that is mutually beneficial. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for patrolling the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County. The total population for Sacramento County is 1,418,788. There are seven small cities within the county that have their own police forces. The unincorporated county is mostly an urban area with business and industrial parks, and highly populated residential neighborhoods. The Sacramento County Sheriff K9 Unit provides K9 support to patrol deputies, detectives, SWAT, and surrounding agencies. Our K9’s are trained to search for suspects, missing persons, apprehend criminals, and find guns and evidence.