Obedience + Agility


The obedience that the dogs on the detail know is no different than the obedience that is taught to many family dogs and pets. The main difference is that the dogs on the detail are trained to perform their obedience through distractions and under immense pressure at times. Many times it is important for the dogs to be able execute commands via hand signals. This is accomplished through countless hours of training until the commands are second nature to the canine.

Handlers also train agility with their canine partners. The agility field used at the canine training facility has several obstacles that simulate obstacles a canine may encounter in the field. The six foot wall simulates a fence. The teeter totter helps the canine trust his handler and heel. The tubes and tires assist in building the canines confidence when it is told to go through obstacles to search for a suspect. Even hoist and ladders are used to simulate lifting a canine into an attic or roof to do its job. All of this is accomplished with hard work from both canine and handler and it takes several months for all the components to come together to build an effective canine team.