On Wednesday, June 19th, 2002, Deputy Brian Amos and his K9 partner Jimmy responded to an armed robbery in progress at a convenience store. Upon his arrival Deputy Amos could see the masked robber slashing at the store clerk with a large butcher knife. The suspect was not able to get at the clerk because they were separated by the front counter and the clerk was fending him off with a broom handle.

In that split second Deputy Amos chose to send his K9 partner Jimmy to apprehend the robber instead of use deadly force. K9 Jimmy ran through the front doors which were already open and apprehended the robber on the arm holding the knife. The robber turned and faced Deputy Amos as Deputy Amos yelled for him to drop the knife. The suspect dropped the knife and rolled to the ground with K9 Jimmy still holding him. The suspect was then taken into custody with out injury to himself or the store clerk. K9 Jimmy and Deputy Amos were awarded the Sheriff’s Letter of Commendation by Sheriff Lou Blanas on March 16th, 2006.