On November 22, 2005, shortly after 3:00 a.m., Deputy Mark Limbird and his K9 partner Kaleo, were dispatched to a silent burglary alarm. The alarm company could hear glass breaking and an engine running near the business.

Upon arrival, deputies saw a shadow of a person exiting the business. Deputies shouted at the suspect to give up but he ignored their commands. K9 Kaleo was directed to apprehend the suspect. The suspect continued to ignore commands from deputies and got into his vehicle that he left running. Kaleo jumped through the driver’s door window and bit the suspect on the arm. Half of Kaleo’s body was hanging outside the window and Deputy Limbird was positioned just outside the driver’s door.

The suspect put the vehicle into gear as Deputy Limbird continued to tell the suspect to surrender. The suspect began to drive off with Kaleo hanging out the window and Deputy Limbird positioned between the car and a building. Fearing for his life Deputy Limbird fired his weapon at the suspect. The vehicle sped off with Kaleo clinging to the suspect’s arm. A short distance away Kaleo fell from the vehicle but was not harmed. A responding unit picked up Deputy Limbird and Kaleo and they took off after the suspect vehicle.

The suspect eventually crashed and Kaleo was sent to apprehend him. Kaleo held on to the suspect until deputies could safely take the suspect into custody. The relentless efforts of K9 Kaleo and Deputy Limbird resulted in successful capture of a fleeing felon.

Deputy Limbird and K9 Kaleo were awarded the Sheriff’s Letter of Commendation by Sheriff John McGinniss on March 26, 2007.