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Deputy Brandon Mullins and K9 Bady

  • Breed: German Shepherd

  • Birthplace: Czech Republic 

  • Birthdate: May 11, 2015

  • Weight: 70lbs

  • Commands: Dutch, German, English

  • Skillsets: Patrol, Article

I have worked for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department since 2003. I have been assigned to the Main Jail, North Division, Central Division, POP, and the Canine detail since 2015.


My Canine partner is Bady. He is an 85 pound German Shepherd. He is trained in apprehension, evidence detection, and assists the SWAT team on high risk operations.


K9 Bady is a valued member of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department as well as his family at home. When he’s not on duty he enjoys playing ball, paddle boarding, and sleeping.

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