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K9 Ado

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End of Watch January, 18th 2009

K9 Ado, a German Shepherd, was born in Holland in 2004 and later were purchased by a kennel in Indiana, USA. In May of 2005 the Sacramento Sheriff's Office K9 Sergeant and team trainer selected Ado and two additional canines to join our K9 Detail. Ado boarded a flight to the San Francisco International Airport where I would meet him. I was apprehensive about what my new partner would be like. Would he be an aggressive canine that tries to bite me? Would our personalities be a good match? As soon as Ado was off the plane I laid all my worries aside. We instantly bonded and I knew we were going to make a great team. 

Ado was a "green" dog, meaning he had no previous training. Together we went through an intensive training program. Ado was a natural and excelled during our training. After several months of rigorous training, K9 Ado and I certified as a patrol team and in November of 2005 we were ready to start working patrol. 

Ado and I were out on patrol early one morning when we assisted patrol who had responded to a burglary in progress at a pharmacy. We arrived at the location and conducted a search of the pharmacy. During the search Ado located and apprehended two suspects that were hiding in the attic of the pharmacy. Our early success as a team continued and within the first months working together, Ado apprehended ten criminals. This is an outstanding accomplishment for a new canine out of training. 

In additional to helping protect the streets of Sacramento, Ado also participated in canine demonstrations at local schools as well as other public events. When Ado was not at work, he enjoyed competing in Police canine competitions where he showed off his abilities in searching, agility, obedience and handler protection. At home, Ado enjoyed spending time with my family and our pets. Ado loved his trips to the groomers for baths. 

On Sunday, January 18th, 2009, at approximately 7:00 pm, Ado and I responded to the report of a carjacking which had just occurred. Two male suspects had assaulted an elderly man and took his vehicle. As we arrived in the area, I spotted the stolen vehicle. I made a u-turn and positioned my patrol vehicle directly behind the suspect vehicle. As I waited for additional deputies to assist me, the driver of the vehicle turned into an apartment complex; I followed in behind them. The driver and passenger jumped out of  the vehicle and fled on foot. 

Ado and I exited our patrol vehicle and Ado proceeded to chase after the driver of the vehicle. Ado pursued him through the apartment complex and out onto a main street where both the suspect and Ado crossed four lanes of traffic. Just as Ado was leaping to apprehend the suspect, a civilian vehicle struck Ado killing him instantly. Both suspects fled the area and were not located. Five days later both suspects were taken into custody. 

Ado is greatly missed by me, his family and the Sacramento Sheriff's Canine Detail. Ado was a dedicated partner whose time ended too soon. 

-Sergeant Anthony Jenkins

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